Edward Thomson

Team Explorer Überall

April 8, 2011

One of the interesting things about working for Microsoft instead of a tiny little startup company is that they actually expect us to do all the things that people expect out of a software company. For example: Microsoft actually ships localized software! Which means that if you're in Germany, you actually get dialogs and buttons and other widgets in German. I suppose this is something that those crazy Germans have come to expect, but it was quite a revelation to this programmer who grew up in the redneckier parts of Illinois and thinks that the French road signs in Canada are quite exotic.1

When it was suggested2 to us that we'd need to ship a localized version of Team Explorer Everywhere, I laughed. Several years of strings piling on top of each other and we're supposed to extract those and get them translated? Ouch.

Fortunately, when we were brought into Microsoft, our team was beefed up with some very smart people who don't laugh at hard problems. And so we present to you language packs available for download in German, French and Japanese.

  1. Hey, I'm down with kilometers, but arrêt? 

  2. And by suggested, I mean told.