Edward Thomson

We at Teamprise are very excited about the newest release of our flagship product, Teamprise Client Suite 3.2. This new release adds a bunch of new customer-driven features.

Flexible Project Mappings in Eclipse
Many customers - especially those moving from other version control systems - want more control over the import process in Eclipse. In earlier versions of Teamprise Plug-in for Eclipse, we required that your Eclipse projects live beneath the Eclipse workspace root. While this restriction was mostly sensible, many customers wanted to be able to keep a hierarchical project layout. In Teamprise Plug-in for Eclipse 3.2, we allow you to set up your local project layout however you wish, then perform your Import from Team Foundation Server.

To take advantage of this new functionality, open up Team Explorer before performing your import and map your working folders manually before performing your input. Let's say your projects look like this in Team Foundation Server:


Now you can set a working folder mapping for $/BigProject - say to C:\BigProject - then open up the Teamprise Import Wizard and select all your projects. They'll be imported relative to C:\BigProject:


You can even do a Get Specific Version inside the Source Control Explorer: the Import Wizard won't overwrite the version you download, so you'll be able to import a historic version easily.

The only restriction is that you must map these projects outside of your Eclipse workspace root - projects inside your Eclipse workspace root must live in a flat listing. (This is an Eclipse restriction, not a Teamprise-imposed one. Sorry!)

Kerberos Authentication
Teamprise clients now support passwordless authentication to the Team Foundation Server on Linux and Mac OS X platforms using a Kerberos ticket. This provides a convenient, and secure way to authenticate to your Team Foundation Server.

Switch to Branch
This is a handy little feature that allows you to work with multiple branches more easy in Eclipse. Want to work in a different branch? Simply right click on a project, select "Switch to Branch" and select the TFS branch that you want to work in. Then you can make whatever changes you want in that branch and switch back to your main branch.

Command-Line Client Functionality
The Teamprise Command-Line Client adds a lot of new functionality in 3.2, most notably full support for merging branches from the command line. CLC also adds conflict resolution, diff support and improved navigational functionality.

Other New Stuff
3.2 offers much better controls in work item tracking -- native controls for Areas and Iteration dropdowns, autocomplete for other work item dropdowns, and a better history control on most platforms. Plus we've added support for a new IDE: IBM RAD 7.5, as well as a new operating system: HP-UX on Itanium processors.

Teamprise Client Suite 3.2 (and any of the component products) is a free upgrade for existing Teamprise Client Suite 3.x customers, as well as customers with a current maintenance agreement. We recommend upgrading to get these great new features.