I'm a software developer who works on version control tools at Microsoft in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I work on the Git repository management functionality in Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server, as well as the libgit2 and LibGit2Sharp projects.

I also write occasional blog posts about version control and developer tools, and wrote the Git chapter of Professional Team Foundation Server 2013. In addition, I maintain a few open source projects in my spare time.

May 28, 2014    1:48 AM

One of the great features of Git as a version control system is that there's no vendor lock-in: you can create a new Git repository on your local computer and push it to any Git server to collaborate with your team. This allows you to choose whatever Git hosting provider you want to use: it could be Team Foundation Server, GitHub, Codeplex, or even setting up your own Git server that you access over a network file share. We've been busy adding unique features to Team Foundation Server so that it's a compelling place to host your Git repositories.

Edward Thomson is a Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft, where he develops version control tools for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server.