Edward Thomson

Earlier today we announced the release of Teamprise 3.1, and you might be wondering why you should upgrade. Maybe you haven't run into any big bugs in Teamprise clients (and we hope you haven't.) Or maybe you just don't feel like upgrading for "just a point release". It's true that we only revved the minor version to 3.1, but it's more than just bugfixes: we've also added a lot of good new features.

The biggest new feature in 3.1 is support for working offline in both our Teamprise Plug-in for Eclipse and our Teamprise Explorer clients. Offline support is a big advantage for TFS users who have unreliable network connections - particularly telecommuters and road warriors, who might want to get some work done wherever they are, be it a coffeeshop or an airplane.

If you're an Eclipse user and wish to go offline from your Team Foundation Server (or if your network unfortunately takes you offline), just go to the Team menu and select "Work Offline". You'll be disconnected from TFS, yet you'll still be able to perform all the file operations like you expect -- you can add, edit, move and delete files just like if you were online. When your network connection returns, you can choose the "Return Online" menu option and pend all those changes to the server.

Working offline in Teamprise Explorer is even simpler, you don't need to specifically enter offline mode. Simply make whatever changes you wish in your workspace, and click "Return Online" from the Source Control context menu. Explorer will synchronize your local workspace with the server and pend any changes you made while you were offline.

The Command Line Client has had offline support since version 3.0, so that's nothing new, but it does get some cool features aside from that. We've added an XML output option for many commands so that you can parse the results easily from a script. The "brief" and even "detailed" formats tend to truncate output for easy interactive viewing, but this can be troublesome for scripts. The new XML output should be perfect for getting all the information out of Team Foundation Server.

Those are a few of the bigger features, but there are many more. And seeing as this is still a point release, there are a lot of bug fixes, too. If you want to see all the details, check out the 3.1 release notes.

We've spent a lot of time on 3.1, and we think you'll enjoy it, even if you're not the type of person to upgrade for "just a point release".