Advent Day 16: All Things Git

December 16, 2018

This is day 16 of my Git Tips and Tricks Advent Calendar. If you want to see the whole list of tips as they're published, see the index.

I hope you'll allow me a moment of shameless self-promotion: one of the great luxuries of my job is that I've been able to meet so many great people who are working on development tools, on helping people use version control, and to be better software developers in general.

And since I have so many great conversations with people, I decided to start recording them, along with my buddy Martin. The result is our podcast: All Things Git.

All Things Git

Over the past twenty episodes, we've talked to some of the people that bring you the tools that I've talked about this month, including GitKraken and Tower. And we've had a number of other great episodes, like looking at the history of version control, examining a Git security vulnerability and explaining how merge and friends actually work.

We've got new episodes coming in early 2019; I hope that you find it useful!